Does training at home pay off?

It is nothing new for anyone that to have results in a training program it is necessary to invest in the tripod: food, sleep and training. For home training, this tripod is the same. Combining these factors, willpower is enough and, most importantly: instruction from qualified professionals. At the beginning of the quarantine, there were


Is late dinner bad?

Many people think that late dinner is bad or fattening. Therefore, many times in the weight loss process people skip this meal. They think that late dinner puts on weight because their metabolism slows down at night, causing the calories they eat to be stored as fat. But is this really true? Keep reading the


How to work flexibility?

Flexibility is defined as the maximum range of motion of a joint or group of joints. Knowing how to work flexibility correctly is the question of many physical activity practitioners. It is not new that working on this physical capacity is of fundamental importance for physical performance and to avoid pain and injury. In this

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