Do you keep your diet up to date or choose to eat whatever you want on the weekend? People who are trying to gain muscle mass end up allowing themselves to eat more freely because they believe that the more food the more muscle mass they will gain.

But is eating out what you want on the weekend a good idea? In this post you will see that this is not always interesting and that it can harm your results.

In addition, you will see how you can eat some foods outside of your diet and still continue to have good results without needing to deprive much at this stage.


Can I eat whatever I want on the weekend to gain muscle?

Do you need to diet on the weekend?

Tips for dieting over the weekend


Can I eat whatever I want on the weekend, following a diet to gain muscle?

To gain muscle mass we need to eat a high calorie diet. That is, we must consume more calories than our body spends during the day. This is the basic characteristic for generating hypertrophy. Along with intense training as well.

With that in mind, some people tend to think that the more calories they ingest, the faster they will gain muscle mass. And in doing so, they have the false feeling that it works, because the weight on the scale starts to increase.

And when they see the weight increase, they automatically believe that they gained more muscles. Along with this the clothes start to get tighter, contributing to this false feeling of hypertrophy.

What happens in reality when we eat far beyond what our body spends is a large accumulation of fat. That is why on a weekend it is very easy to ingest many more calories when we eat freely without any control of the amount.

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This is why body weight goes up quickly. In a proper diet, the weight rises gradually because the gain of muscle mass is a slower process than the gain of fat for example.

To have good results it is necessary to have patience and allow time for the body to be able to develop in its time properly.

That is why a high calorie diet should be tailored to each person as well as a weight loss diet. As the caloric intake must be high for hypertrophy to exist, care must be taken not to extrapolate.

Just as the increase in calories must be gradual and follow the development and evolution of your physique over the weeks and months.

For some people on a weekend diet it seems like an exaggeration. Especially if the goal of the diet is to consume more calories than you expend. So she ends up choosing to eat what she wants on the weekend and in the amount she wants.

Imagine that your diet during the week has around 2000kcal per day. If you eat, for example, just a snack and a potato from some fast food it will be over 1000kcal in a single meal.

Imagine if you also eat dessert? In just one meal you will eat many more calories than you need.

That’s why we can’t forget about the diet completely on the weekend. This also does not mean that you cannot eat any tastier food.

In the following topic you will see ways to eat different foods from the diet and still have good results.

The big problem with this high calorie intake is that, as stated earlier, this large amount of calories more than our body needs will be stored in the form of fat.

In a well-designed high-calorie diet it also happens to gain some fat along with muscle mass. However, it is a controlled fat gain to be kept to a minimum.

By gaining a lot of fat, in addition to visually impairing your physique, it also affects your health in more advanced cases and impairs the continuity of your results.

This is because high caloric intake and increased body fat end up impairing your sensitivity to the hormone insulin.

This hormone is responsible for nutrient uptake. The problem is that when our body starts to create resistance to this hormone, more hormone is released into our body. And this favors a greater accumulation of fat.

Tips for dieting at the weekend

As explained above, eating what you want on the weekend without controlling the amount is not a good idea. So we must look for ways to continue having good results even if we eat something or other off the diet.

The first tip is to try to follow the diet you eat during the week, also on the weekend . Leaving meals ready is a good way to avoid eating anything.

Another point is that if you know you are going to eat out try to decrease the amount of food in the other meals of the day a little. This is a tip that needs a little more knowledge in order not to reduce too much or reduce the amount of calories less.

When you go for a free meal, do whatever you like best. But if you’re going out to eat more than once or twice a week, look for healthier options on the menu .

Nowadays, many restaurants have excellent options for healthy dishes. So you can socialize with your friends and family and still not extrapolate in food.
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Another tip for restaurants is that if you often go out to eat, avoid carvery .

The food supply is large and it is difficult to control the quantities. Being able to exceed the calories of an entire day in a single meal.

Last but not least, maintain your training routine . Training will increase your caloric requirement for the day. Thus, slightly lessening the impact of meals outside the diet.

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  • To gain muscle it is necessary to follow a high calorie diet. However, overdoing too much calories and eating what you want on the weekend damages your health and your body.
  • Eating too many calories beyond what your body needs will generate a lot of fat and resistance to the hormone insulin.
  • Eating freely on the weekend can easily lead to caloric intake far beyond what your body needs.
  • A proper diet promotes gradual weight gain.
  • Some tips to continue having good results in muscle mass gains are: try to follow your diet as much as possible on the weekend, reduce the amount of food in some meals, choose healthier menu options, avoid going often and keep your training routine on the weekend.

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