It is nothing new for anyone that to have results in a training program it is necessary to invest in the tripod: food, sleep and training. For home training, this tripod is the same.

Combining these factors, willpower is enough and, most importantly: instruction from qualified professionals.

At the beginning of the quarantine, there were numerous videos and tips on how to make adaptations at home to obtain results. However, not everything fits and is really suitable for everyone.

In this post, you will know if training at home works, and if it is good to do.

Does training at home pay off?

How to train at home?

Can I do training at home?


Does training at home pay off?

For the body to respond and interpret the stimuli given to it, expensive equipment is not necessary, nor much space.

The body basically needs to make an effort until, or close to, fatigue!

Our body doesn’t know if you are lifting a bar with washers or if you are lifting a gallon of water!

What really matters is the effort made! So training at home can really work!

How to train at home?

A good strategy is to use simple equipment . Some equipment that can be purchased with low investment and that can be used for several different exercises.

For example rubber bands, dumbbells and suspension straps (better known as TRX).

It is also possible to adapt some items that we normally have at home and “transform” them into overload!

In addition, there are good exercises that can be done with body weight . There is no shortage of alternatives!

Can I do training at home?

With creativity, a professional is able to individually prescribe exercises to gain muscle mass, flexibility, weight loss and improved functionality.

See also the other post in which I explain How to work flexibility.

And if you’re a fan of the gym and you think it’s not worth the investment in training material at home, remember that it can be useful in the future.

You can use this equipment for travel or even for that day when you are unwilling to travel to the gym.

There are scientific studies that have shown that, more important than the equipment used, is the proper execution of the exercises. Combined with sufficient overload, so that, with safety and adequate stimulation, the organism responds, evolving!

So, YES , it is possible to have results training at home, when this training is periodized for your condition, with the material you have!


  • Doing training at home is the best alternative to not stand still!
  • You can achieve great results by training at home.
  • Some simple equipment can help, but you you can also do exercises with body weight.
  • Always seek a physical education professional to guide you.

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