Are you trying to lose weight and don’t know where to start? This guide has 51 tips to lose weight fast!

To be successful you need to pay attention to the small details. That way it is possible to make fewer mistakes, and optimize the results in the weight loss process.

Next, I listed 51 practical tips, based on scientific evidence, that will guide you in your weight loss process. Check it out!

51 tips to lose weight fast

1. Reduce added sugar

We know that sugar gets in the way (and a lot!) of the weight loss process. However, many do not pay attention to the amount of sugar added to drinks, such as coffee, juices or vitamins.

One of the tips to lose weight fast is to gradually reduce the added sugar. Over time your palate will get used to the less sweet taste.

Many people get used to the natural taste of food, whether bitter or sour. Getting perfectly well without sugar.

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2. Avoid refined carbohydrates

The refined ones are white wheat flour, starches, cereals or grains in which their fibrous parts, such as white rice, have been removed.

They hinder the weight loss process by increasing the concentration of sugar in the blood too fast causing the accumulation of body fat.

3. Drink coffee

Coffee is an excellent drink, full of antioxidants, and has a thermogenic effect. Therefore, it can contribute to increased fat burning.

Just be careful when adding sugar to coffee. Preferably take it pure. If you can’t, choose natural sweeteners such as stevia, xylitol or erythritol.

4. Eat a low-carb diet

Reducing carbohydrates is one of the strategies that work for weight loss. Low-carb diets are those that have less than 40% of calories from carbohydrates.

But be careful not to overdo the carbohydrate reduction. You don’t have to be afraid or exclude carbohydrates.

They can be part of even a low-carb diet. They can be fruits, tubers or whole grains. What changes is the proportion in which they will appear on the day.

5. Drink water before meals

Drinking about 500 ml of water, 30 minutes before meals helps to consume less calories.

In this research, individuals who consumed water before meals lost 44% more weight, compared with those who did not.

6. Eat eggs in the morning

The consumption of whole eggs in the morning reduces the amount of calories ingested in the 36 hours following ingestion.

This is because the egg is an excellent source of protein. A good protein intake in the morning increases satiety throughout the day, preventing slippage.

7. Drink green tea

Green tea has several benefits, one of which is to help you lose weight, as it is a source of catechins.

Catechins are powerful antioxidants that help accelerate fat burning. And because it has a diuretic effect it helps to reduce body swelling.

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8. Use smaller dishes

Yes, the size of the dish can influence the amount of calories eaten. Especially for those who are overweight.

In a survey, people who used larger dishes consumed 45% more than those who served in smaller dishes.

9. Pay attention to what you eat

It is easy to overdo the calories when we do not pay attention to what we eat. Therefore, anything that increases your food awareness is valid.

Taking a picture of the dish or making a food diary can be very beneficial for your weight loss process.

10. Chew slowly

Whoever chews more eats less! Chewing well increases food awareness.

You start paying more attention to what you eat, thus increasing your satiety and decreasing your food intake.

Consequently it helps with weight loss. In addition, chewing food well absorbs nutrients.

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11. Have healthy foods on hand

Have it at home, or always take a healthy snack option with you.

Good options for these moments are: yogurt, whole fruit, baby carrot or chopped into strips, nuts or boiled eggs.

12. Do aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises are the best for weight loss. In addition, they help a lot to relax and fight anxiety.

So avoiding the stress of a busy day on food.

13. Bodybuilding

One of the main mistakes of those who want to lose weight is not doing weight training! During the weight loss process, loss of lean mass is natural. Which consequently reduces metabolism.

With weight training it is possible to tone the body, minimize the loss of lean mass, and even increase metabolism due to the increase in muscle mass.

14. Eat more fiber

Increasing fiber consumption is very important for the weight loss process, as it increases the feeling of satiety after meals.

In addition, fibers improve bowel function. Consume vegetables, whole grains, unpeeled fruits daily, and seeds like chia and flaxseed.

15. Have vegetables as the main ingredient of your dish

At least 50% of the dish must consist of vegetables. Always try to vary the options.

A tip is to choose 3 vegetables and 2 types of vegetables in the main meals. Consumption can be made at will. It reduces appetite, preventing slips between meals.

Just be a little cautious when eating pumpkin and beets. These vegetables have a little more carbohydrate than the others.

16. Eat fruits

Fruits are essential components of a balanced diet, rich in antioxidants, fibers and vitamins. Therefore, they must be included in a weight loss diet.

For example: strawberry, grape, pineapple, passion fruit, kiwi, melon and papaya.

17. Savor food and eat carefully

Eat slowly, and enjoy the food. By eating slowly our body has time to signal that it is full.

Another important tip is not to do any other activity while eating, like watching TV, or touching your cell phone.

In this way, you will make meals a pleasant time, and will be able to be more aware of what you eat.

18. Eat whole foods with a single ingredient

Eating real food is the secret! Improve your food choices. Whenever possible, opt for whole foods with a single ingredient, such as: vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, fish, lean meat, and eggs.

19. Add whole grains to fruits

One of the tips to lose weight fast is to include a spoonful of rolled oats, oat bran, chia, or flaxseed and a portion of fruit.

This type of cereal will increase the feeling of satiety, and slow down the digestion of the fruit. Avoiding the famous insulin spikes that cause body fat to accumulate.

20. Avoid soft drinks and sugary juices

Stay away from those sugary drinks. You probably already know that, but it’s worth mentioning. Sugar in liquid form is terrible for those who want to lose weight.

They cause very high glycemic spikes, which quickly increase the concentration of sugar in the blood. Causing fat accumulation, and sugar addiction.

21. Avoid natural juices

Because natural juice is in liquid form and contains little fiber, it has the same effect as sugary drinks.

Give preference to ingesting the whole fruit with peel or bagasse.

22. Get rid of temptations

Eliminate treats from your home and work. Sweets, cookies, ice cream and sugary drinks.

With these items close by, the tendency to end up eating is huge.

23. Make good snacks

Use your creativity, healthy eating doesn’t have to be monotonous. Learn to cook, and eat with pleasure!

There are several tasty and healthy recipes, which are easy to make. Try it!

24. Have practical breakfast options

You need to have a plan B for those busiest days.

A protein shake, from whey protein or example, can make it a lot easier, and fruits are also quick options.

25. Have practical options for dinner

At night we are usually more tired, and we hardly feel like cooking. It is important to leave ready-made meals to facilitate dinner preparation.

This is a time that we feel most hungry, and that the cravings for goodies usually come stronger.

So get ahead! Leave fresh vegetables, cut vegetables, and proteins already cut and seasoned.

26. Eat well for breakfast

Eating well for breakfast is one of the tips to lose weight fast, as it guarantees increased satiety throughout the day.

Be sure to consume whole carbohydrates, good sources of protein such as cheese, yogurt, or eggs. Always include a portion of fresh fruit.

27. Drink more water

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Water acts on cells in the fat loss process. In addition, it helps to reduce fluid retention, decreasing body swelling.

In a survey, increasing water consumption is able to increase about 30% of metabolism.

28. Try intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is one of the dietary strategies, in which the person alternates between periods of fasting and eating. It has been shown to be effective for rapid weight loss. One of the options with the best adherence is the 16-hour fast.

But it doesn’t work for everyone. For people who are very hungry or very anxious it is not indicated. It can end up causing binge eating after the fasting period.

For these people, the most suitable option is to reduce calories from the progressive diet, without very severe restrictions.

29. Take your meals to work

Whenever possible, take your lunch box. The best way to control your food is to know exactly how it was prepared.

Therefore, one of the tips to lose weight fast is to try to take with you all the meals you are going to have outside the home. Thus, the possibility of slipping is much less.

30. Drink thermogenic teas

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The daily intake of 500 ml of thermogenic tea, helps in the weight loss process.

This is because, this type of tea speeds up the metabolism, making the weight loss process easier. The main thermogenic teas are: Hibiscus tea, Cinnamon tea, Ginger tea, White tea, Black tea, Green tea and Mate tea.

31. Sleep well

It has been proven that sleep is one of the pillars of weight loss.

People who sleep poorly tend to eat more when they wake up. Because sleep deprivation disrupts hunger hormones, increasing appetite.

32. Eat more protein

One of the main tips to lose weight fast is to increase your protein consumption. Protein increases the feeling of satiety.

In addition, it promotes greater thermogenesis, that is, they make our body spend more energy. So, include protein in every meal.

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32. Take Whey Protein

Due to the high concentration of protein, the feeling of satiety increases.

It can be consumed before or after physical activity, or to supplement protein intake.

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33. Consume vegetable protein

Protein consumption need not be restricted to proteins of animal origin. Choosing protein-rich vegetables can speed up your weight loss process. For complementing protein intake and increasing satiety.

Some examples of foods rich in vegetable protein are: legumes (peas, chickpeas, beans), cereals (oats and quinoa), and oilseeds (peanuts, almonds, chestnuts and walnuts).

34. Eat whole carbohydrates

Brown bread, brown rice, wholegrain pasta, quinoa, oat bran. They are one of the best carbohydrate options.

Including about two servings of these foods daily is one of the tips to lose weight fast. Because they are sources of fiber, so their digestion is slower, preventing the gain of body fat.

35. Don’t shop hungry

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Studies show that hunger affects our ability to make good food choices.

So, when you go to the market hungry, you are likely to leave with calorie snacks, and other foods that you probably wouldn’t buy if you weren’t hungry.

36. Do not overdo the consumption of oils and fats

A common mistake of wanting to lose weight is to believe that good fats do not put on weight. This is not true! Fat sources like coconut oil and olive oil are as caloric as soy oil or other fats.

So be aware! Opt for good fat options, but don’t exceed the amounts.

37. Add cinnamon to your sweet preparations

Add cinnamon to preparations such as rice pudding, pancake filling, or cakes.

Reduces the need to add sugar or sweetener. Because cinnamon tastes sweet. And you will also have the thermogenic benefits of this spice!

38. Watch out for cappuccino, and sweetened coffees

As mentioned, coffee can be your ally in the weight loss process. However, one of the tips to lose weight fast is to avoid drinking coffee in places that already serve sweetened drinks. It will probably be full of sugar.

In addition, care must also be taken with variations in preparation. Cappuccino, this drink is usually full of sugar, some accompany chocolate and fat creams. One tip is to prepare your own cappuccino, adding skimmed milk powder, cocoa, dark chocolate or cinnamon.

39. Avoid drinking orange juice

As stated, natural juices hinder weight loss, as they are sources of sugar in liquid form. But it is worth mentioning that orange juices are the most caloric.

An orange is about 47 kcal. While in 1 glass of orange juice, in which 4 to 5 oranges are used, it has about 220 Kcal. Therefore, always choose to consume the whole orange, with bagasse.

40. Never eat food in packaging

Even if you are consuming healthy foods such as nuts or dried fruits. The probability of you exceeding the portions is enormous.

Therefore, prefer individual portions, separate the amount you will eat at that moment and save the rest, to prevent you from exceeding the calories.

41. Read food labels

Have the habit of nutritional table of foods, and the list of ingredients. When reading the ingredient list, know that it is described in order of proportion. That is, the first ingredient on the list is that it is in greater quantity in the food.

Knowing how to read the labels will help you make better choices, and better control your caloric intake.

42. Decrease stress

Weekly or if possible every day do something to relieve stress. It can be a walk, a physical activity that you enjoy, or even listening to music.

Keeping stress levels under control is one of the tips to lose weight fast. Stress puts our body on alert, releasing the hormone cortisol.

This hormone hinders weight loss as it slows down metabolism, and slows down some bodily functions to save energy.

43. Exercise daily

One of the most important tips to lose weight fast is to do at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. This will optimize your weight loss process. Even if you are unable to go to the gym every day, you can opt for a simple walk.

This hike can be done at once or divided throughout the day. For example, you can walk 10 minutes on the way to work. Another 10 minutes at lunch. Finishing with 10 more minutes on return from work or the night.

44. Don’t skip meals

It is important to make an effort to eat all meals, and not to spend a long time without eating.

For when we are hungry, we have a greater tendency to make bad choices. Or consume more food than necessary.

45. Keep in mind the benefits of healthy eating

Don’t make healthy eating negative, and don’t overcharge yourself. Divert your focus from what you stopped eating.

Keep in mind the good that healthy eating will do to your health, weight loss is just a consequence. Forget a little of the scale and focus on being healthier.

46. Always have some brown rice cooked in your refrigerator

Brown rice is a great source of carbohydrates and fiber. Always have an alternative to accompany the main meals.

As it takes a little time to cook, leaving it ready and stored in the refrigerator is more practical. And it prevents you from using white rice at the time of the rush.

You can do the same with other grains like beans, lentils, chickpeas.

47. Plan your meals

If you really want to lose weight, you will need to strive to maintain a good diet throughout the week.

To do this, you need to set aside time, either the day before or the weekend, to plan everything you will eat. You can prepare your meals for the week and freeze in individual containers.

Leave vegetables and fruits washed, to be consumed throughout the week. One more of the tips to lose weight fast is to separate everything you take to eat outside the day before. The secret to maintaining planning is to anticipate, and not be at the mercy of possible unforeseen events.

48. When eating out, prefer restaurants by the kilo, and balance your plate

Avoid buffet locations at will, and choose restaurants that offer a variety of vegetables.

When assembling the dish, at least half of it must consist of vegetables and vegetables, 1/4 of a source of protein preferably roasted or grilled, and 1/4 of whole grains as a carbohydrate source.

49. Beware of excesses on weekends

One of the tips to lose weight fast is not to overdo it on weekends. It can damage the diet every week. Limit yourself to two free meals a week.

If you are going to eat pasta or another more caloric dish, start with a salad to control your appetite. And remember, it’s two free meals, not two whole ‘trash’ days! Before and after these meals follow your meal plan. Try to eat slowly, enjoy these meals calmly to be able to control the quantities, especially for sweets.

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50. Limit alcohol consumption

Alcohol has about 7 kcal per gram, almost double the carbohydrate which is 4 kcal per gram. If possible, avoid alcoholic beverages.

But if you can’t, the maximum recommended for men is two shots of spirits or two cans of beer. For women the amount is halved.

51. Make permanent changes to your lifestyle

Only with small daily changes, it is possible to change habits. That should be your goal, to become a healthier person!

Restrictive diets are temporary, and are often detrimental to health. Instead, learn how to make better choices, this is the most valuable of the tips to lose weight fast.

You will feel the reflection of this in all aspects of your life!

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