Have you ever thought about practicing a physical activity that is fun and uses up a lot of calories in an hour? So try taking FitDance classes!

This modality is gaining more and more fans across the country. But it was not to be different, since it combines muscle work and fat burning with dancing.

If you want a nice lesson with lots of interaction, this is the right option! Do you want to know more about the practice that is doing the head – and the body – of a lot of people?

Then read on. In this post, we tell you everything!

What is FitDance?

It is a dance that mixes several rhythms. In addition, the choreographies are designed for greater caloric expenditure and physical conditioning.

Throughout the class, the musical styles are varied. Thus, it becomes increasingly dynamic and pleasurable.

The teacher gives the coordinates of the steps and the students follow him. It is very simple to do, even for those who have difficulties in dancing.

So it is an alternative for people who want to exercise, but who do not like traditional activities.

Although there are video classes on the internet, the ideal is to do it in a gym with professional supervision.

In this way, you avoid injuries and ensure that you are doing the movements the right way.

What are the benefits of this modality?

Combining the useful (exercises) with the pleasant (dance), is already a great benefit of FitDance, isn’t it?

Other than that, it brings even more benefits to your health: both body and mind. Look.

Help in good shape

Do you need to lose weight or maintain? With FitDance, you spend 400 to 600 calories per hour!

With a healthy diet, you can burn body fat and look even more beautiful.

Increases self-esteem and well-being

Self-esteem is our ability to like who we are. Sometimes, the extra pounds bother us and lessen that feeling.

FitDance assists in this matter from the moment the person is satisfied with his body.

In addition, it releases hormones of happiness, which generates greater well-being and relaxation.

Prevents disease

FitDance is a great health ally. That’s because it prevents and helps in the treatment of diseases such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes and others.

It also improves cardiovascular capacity and physical conditioning, which are essential to have a more functional and active body.

And it also prevents osteoporosis and problems related to muscle flaccidity, since it strengthens bones and muscles.

Promotes interaction

As classes are collective, students interact with each other and it is a great opportunity to make new friends, especially for shy people.

Not to mention that the interpersonal relationship brings more joy in everyday life, and this further encourages the practice of physical activities.

In short, it is a dynamic, enjoyable and very fun modality. Ideal for those who want to have more health and well-being in a light and relaxed way.

If that is your intention, you cannot be left out of FitDance, which is gaining more and more space in the gyms!

So, are you convinced that FitDance is the right class? Contact us and start practicing now!

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